EPOSNow API Masters

At Village Technology we have an expert knowledge of software development and programming. Like many modern cloud based software systems, EPOSNow provides an API. We can take a software solution such as EPOSNow and by working with your business on a face-to-face level, produce additional functionality that exactly meets your needs. We are API Masters.

The voyage to VoIPCLOUD

We recently had the opportunity to overhaul and upgrade a telephone system for one of our customers. A quick peek at what was currently sitting in the comms cupboard revealed a very proud Avaya IP Office 500 system connected to two ISDN lines. The big telecoms company had advised them that this was the right solution for them. It wasn’t.

Time Attendance Systems – Anviz EP300

We were recently approached by a customer asking if we knew anything about time attendance systems. One of our team members made it known that he had a little experience with time attendance systems used at a small London event a few years ago called the Olympic Games. Cue much fascination and even more reading of technical documentation until ultimately we installed a few of these….