Inclusive Call Packages

We build bespoke solutions, so contact us for the right deal. VoIPCLOUD provides great inclusive packages for free Landline and Mobile calling. Here are some examples of what we can offer.

Free UK Calling

We are able to provide Free UK calls for £15/month.
This includes both geographical landline and mobile numbers.

Free EU Calling

For £25/month all calls to the UK and all EU destinations is completely free.
This includes both geographical landline and mobile numbers in all of the above destinations.

Free International Calling

For as little as £35/month you can call the EU, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand and USA.
This includes both geographical landline and mobile numbers in all of the above countries.

Standard Rates

Our standard call prices are competitive, although we recommend a calling package due to their manageability and overall low cost.
UK landlines are 1.2p/min, UK mobiles 9.9p/min

Huge Feature List

VoIPCLOUD has huge flexibility and a wide feature set to choose from. We work directly with your business to ensure all your requirements are met. Always contact us first for your bespoke solution.

Multi-site Services

Using VOIP, we are able to bring all your business locations together under one integrated telephone system. VoIPCLOUD can provide Interactive Voice menus to help guide your customers, and personal Voicemail boxes to ensure you never miss a message. We’ll even email your voicemail as an MP3 directly to your inbox.

Phone Numbers

VoIPCLOUD has a large repository of geographical and non-geographical numbers for you to choose from. We can also provide consecutive number blocks to help make things easier to remember.

Staff Training

One thing we recognise is that for a phone system to truly be effective, the staff must know how to use it. We provide full on-site VoIPCLOUD training to ensure conferences, call transfers, call recording and more can all be carried off without a hitch.

VoIP Hardware Specialists

VoIPCLOUD is run by experts in telephone technology. If you want simple budget desk-phones, or the latest touchscreen Android Videoconferencing desk-sets, we are able to advise and provide the best solution and make sure you know how to use it. We’re always on hand to provide support and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VoIPCLOUD work ?

VoIP CLOUD uses your internet connection to make voice and video calls. By using the internet, call quality is improved and the price can be much cheaper.

Can I use my current internet connection ?

Yes, the only limit is your broadband speed. VoIP CLOUD is very efficient in it’s internet usage. A standard BT Fibre connection can carry over 100 simultaneous VoIP CLOUD calls.

Will I need specialist equipment ?

You will need VOIP telephones, ordinary telephones won’t work. However we will advise and provide the perfect phones for your requirements. We will also perform any cabling work and network configuration to get you up and running. Larger installations may require additional server hardware, but we will provide this and look after it for you with our remote support.

Can I upgrade my current system ?

There are many different systems on the market, each one operating differently. Contact us and we will happily advise how best to transition your current system over to VoIP CLOUD.

Is VoIPCLOUD expensive ?

The opposite. Because you are not tied to a telecoms company like BT, we can build the package you need. For less than the BT line rental, we can provide free UK landline and mobile calls. International calls can also form part of your package. There are also no contracts or minimum spends with VoIP Cloud.

What features do I get ?

VoIP CLOUD can provide almost any feature you can think of. Call recording, video and telephone conferencing, call queuing, automated responses and interactive menus, individual or team voicemail, forwarding to mobiles and much much more. VoIP CLOUD can also integrate multiple business locations into one single telephone system.

Is VoIPCLOUD hard to use ?

Naturally there is always something to learn with a new system, but we are on hand to provide on-site training to you and your staff so you’re never left in the dark. We’ll provide comprehensive instruction materials and we’re only a phone call away if you need some extra support.

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